viernes, agosto 20, 2010

Como hacer un Dios

  "Where Hinzelmann had been standing stood a male child, no more
than five years old. His hair was dark brown, and long. He was
perfectly naked, save for a worn leather band around his neck. He
was pierced with two swords, one of them going through his chest,
the other entering at his shoulder, with the point coming out
beneath the rib-cage. Blood flowed through the wounds without
stopping and ran down the child's body to pool and puddle on the
floor. The swords looked unimaginably old.
The little boy stared up at Shadow with eyes that held only pain.
And Shadow thought to himself, of course. That's as good a way as
any other of making a tribal god. He did not have to be told. He
knew. You take a baby and you bring it up in the darkness, letting
it see no one, touch no one, and you feed it well as the years pass,
feed it better than any of the village's other children, and then, five
winters on, when the night is at its longest, you drag the terrified
child out of its hut and into the circle of bonfires, and you pierce it
with blades of iron and of bronze. Then you smoke the small body
over charcoal fires until it is properly dried, and you wrap it in furs
and carry it with you from encampment to encampment, deep in
the Black Forest, sacrificing animals and children to it, making it
the luck of the tribe".

American Gods, Neil Gaiman.

Me doy cuenta que tengo una  fascinación con lo macabro, no crean que no. 
En fin, me encanto este libro.

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